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Rome Restaurants – Trattoria, Osteria, Ristorante

In Italy there are a few types of restaurants to be familiar:

  • Trattoria – the most common type of casual restaurant. If there is a menu is typical to the area and seasonal.
  • Osteria – menus tend to be short, with the emphasis on local specialties such as pasta and grilled meat or fish, often served at shared tables.
  • Ristorante – more formal restaurant. The menu includes regional cuisine, sometimes with a contemporary interpretation.

Rome Restaurant Map by Neighborhood

Below is an interactive Rome map with restaurants that suggest. You may use the tool on the top left of the map to toggle the Rome restaurants by neighborhood.

Good is at the heart of the Italian culture. One of the joys of a trip to Italy is lunch (pranza) and dinner (cena).

Lunch and dinner in Italy typically includes a few courses. Each course includes fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. The meal is enjoyed slowly among friends and family.

During your holiday in Rome plan to make time daily to stop in at a local restaurant. Where ever you decide to eat in Rome you’re guaranteed to have a memorable and tasty meal.

If you are wondering how find a good restaurant in Rome, well that’s easy. Just look for the small neighborhood place full of locals with a menu in Italian only. Or use the interactive Rome restaurant map provided here.

Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori

Osteria del Pegno

Off Via Dei Coronari lovely little spot with classic Roman dishes. The meat, pizza and pasta are all delicious. It is nice, cozy spot where you won’t find many tourists.


Cucina Romana Virginiae is one of our neighborhood favorites. Good choice just behind Piazza Navona essentially on Via della Pace. When Da Francesco is full stroll on down. Nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. Pleasant atmosphere. Family cooking. You’re sure to be tired when strolling around the neighborhood and this family will welcome you with open arms for an authentic Roman meal

Da Francesco

Da Francesco authentic Roman trattoria and pizzeria. Eat like a Roman. Start with some grileld vegtables and a pizza. Follow it with a light pasta or piece of meat. Enjoy the house wine, lively atmosphere and loads of fun full of young Romans. Get there when it opens at 730/8. Or be prepared to wait in line. Open late.

Mastro Ciccia

Mastro Ciccia Bomba (exploding overstuffed stomach) located in Pizza Navona neighborhood centro storico Rome on Via del Governo Vecchio 76. High energy atmosphere serves great pizza, pasta, and meats in the traditional Roman way. Nice beers too. For a good authentic Roman meal of simple local seasonal vegetables grilled, wood fired Roman pizza, and grilled meats Rome style suggests Mastro Ciccia Bomba a Motorino Man’s Favorite Roman Pizzeria.

Mimi e Coco

Mimi e Coco is an old standby. Located right on Via del Governo Vecchio behind Piazza Navona. Always fun. Bar atmosphere typically playing good music. Lively spot for cocktails. The food is good too. Nice prices.

Taverna Giulia Ristorante

Taverna Giulia located at the north end if Via Giulia toward the Vatican, try the Ligurian pasta with pesto. Zucchini flowers also a highlight. Nice taste of Liguria in Rome.

Assunta Madre

If you are looking for fish in Rome’s centro storico then Assunta Madre will work. No meat is served. It’s more expensive than average Rome restaurant. Service is always spot on and seafood fresh.

Ar Galletto

Piazza Farnese is always a draw for when in Rome so we typically head over for an apertif which rolls into dinner at Ar Galletto. We like sitting outside in what is a very attractive piazza. Elegant spot. Roman pastas like cacio e pepe, amatriciana and carbonara are all on the menu. And our favorite Roman dish Saltimbocca alla Romana also available, tender and as advertised it jumps in the mouth.


Typical Roman trattoria serving good antipastos, pastas, and meat and fish. Tight quarters and it become noisy. Bring your attitude so you don;t let the Roman waiters roll you over.


Hostaria Costanza located in the ancient Roman Teatro de Pompeii where when in Rome around Campo de Fiori you’ll eat with the locals. Here you’ll find Roman food in quintessential Roman atmosphere. Stick with the pastas. An artichoke or zucchini flower during spring are good. Nice prices and value.

Piazza Popolo, Piazza Spagna & Pincio Hill

Borghese Garden Caffe

Borghese Garden Caffe, perfect spot for a nice snack while strolling the gardens. Re-fuel the children, who can run around all they like up here, while enjoying a nice view of Rome. Located just above Piazza Popolo there is also a carousel for children here.

Casina Valadier

Casina Valader on the Pincio Hill, views of Rome below in all directions make this off the beaten path ristorante a real winner.


Located on the top floor on the Hotel Valadier, its terrace offers a pleasant view of Rome’s rooftops and cupola’s. The food is prepared in a Roman contemporary style. Even if your not hungry its bar is the perfect place to stop anytime from lunch time into the late evening.

La Buca di Ripetta

Rome “locanda” dine with Rome’s locals and Rome’s stars at la Buca di Ripetta. Located between Piazza Spagna and Piazza Popolo. Meat, fish, and homemade pasta all fresh made daily. The specialty is the Bucatini all’Amatriciana a Roman favorite. It is nice homey atmosphere.

Ristorante Nino

Ristorante Nino Via Borgognona, 11 is one of Rome’s oldest andmost famous restaurants, the white coated wait staff serves its food with elegance and style known in Rome.

Fiaschetteria Beltramme

Trendy little restaurant with great italian menu. Full of locals and always busy be sure to make a reservation for lunch or dinner. Super friendly staff will greet you at this authentic restaurant.

Antico Caffè Greco

The Antico Caffè Greco (sometimes simply referred to as Caffè Greco) is an historic landmark café which opened in 1760 on Via dei Condotti in Rome, Italy. It claims to be the oldest bar in Rome and within Italy only Caffè Florian in Venice (established in 1720) is older.

Hostaria Romano

Hostaria Romano Via Rasella / Via del Boccaccio serving local Roman dishes like grilled vegetables, grilled meats, and of course artichoke all Romana and zucchini flower when in season, nice spot for a reasonably priced lunch or dinner in Rome.

Pantheon and Campo Marzo

Trattoria Settimio All’Arancio

Rome insiders flock to this ristorante Settimio all’Arancio known for its grilled meat and grilled vegetables. Close to Spanish Steps and Pantheon, right around the corner from Fendi Square.

La Matricianella

Great spot for tourists to eat an authentic Roman meal among locals. The pastas are always cooked to “al dente” perfection. Try classic Roman sauces like cacio e pepe and amatriciana. If you visit Rome during spring this is good spot to try an artichoke Roman-style – “Carciofi Romana.” Bring your sense of humor and be ready to play along with the Roman waiters. If your uptight this is not the place for you.

Ristorante Le Cave

Piazza di Sant’Ignazio designed by Raguzzinni 1727 like a stage set that comes to life each day at lunch when the Romans perform the ritual of Pranza at this lovely trattoria across from Sant’Ignazio Church. Before or after enjoy the building facades, which are illusions, like Andrea Pozzo’s painted “Dome” of St. Ignatius’s ascent into Paradise inside Sant’Ignazio, a must see point of interest in Rome. Stand on circular marker set into floor where nave meets crossing, then move forward to alter and look up again to get for effect of illusion of false dome.

Ristorante Laganà

Authentic Roman neighborhood trattoria experience. Of course bring your attitude to get on with the Roman waiters… Roman specialties such as the pastas bucatini all’amatriciana, cacio e pepe, pasta alla gricia, which is white sauce pasta with cheese, are the classic choices here.

Il Convivio

Indisputably one of the finest restaurants in Rome. Service and food are five star. All the ingredients are organic. Earned one Michelin star so is not comparable with “ordinary” Roman restaurants. Not overly formal but certainly a fine restaurant. Make a reservation.


Ristorante Gallura

If you are looking for seafood in Rome then you’ll find Gallura a delight. A Sardinian restaurant specializing in fresh local seafood. Nice wine selection. The atmosphere can get noisy. Make a reservation.

La Pariolina Pizza & Cucina

Everyone loves the pizza and pasta at this popular locals restaurant. Crowded at lunch and dinner make a reservation. Staff is friendly.



Cozy classic Roman restaurant in Trastevere. Very friendly staff. Food is excellent. Reservations accepted.

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