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Northern Italy Tours Packages

Northern Italy tours include the regions located above the Po River. Visit the beautiful northern Italian regions Aosta, Emilia Romagna, Friulli, Lombardy, Liguria, Piedmont, Trentino, Veneto. Popular Northern Italy vacation destinations include the Italian Lakes District, the Italian Riviera, and popular destinations Bologna, Bergamo, Cinque Terre, Genoa, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Milan, Parma, Portofino, Turin, Verona, and Venice.

Northern Italy’s regions are among the wealthiest areas in Europe, making the area a great destination for an Italy vacation. For more about planning a trip to Northern Italy watch the video and check out the all inclusive northern Italy vacations below.

Northern Italy includes all climates and geography. In hours you can travel from the top of Alps to the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

Northern Italy is the home of fine cashmere and popular Made in Italy fashion brands, motorcars like Ferrari, Ducati, and Maserati are manufactered, food such Parmigiano Reggiano, San Daniele and Parma prosciutto, Balsamic Vinegar, Prosecco, Murano Glass, and much more.

Along the way are medieval and Renaissance towns, world class cities, rolling hills dotted with vineyards that produce fine wine, Made in Italy factories that sew the world’s finest luxury goods, and churches, palaces, and castles filled with fine art masterpieces.

Northern Italy tours provide authentic moments travelers are looking for in a trip to Italy. The best trips to Northern Italy and escorted Northern Italy tours are listed on this page. This huge selection of all-inclusive tours to northern Italy are guaranteed to include fabulous expert English-speaking tour guides, luxury 4-star and 5-star accommodations, delicious authentic northern Italian regional cuisine and local wines, luxury transportation between cities, and more all at the lowest price. all-inclusive northern Italy vacation packages are an unparalleled value and the best investment for your holiday to northern Italy.

9-Day Northern Italy and Tuscany Tour Package

Italian Riviera
  • 2 Nights Turin
  • 2 Nights Sestri Levante
  • 3 Nights Tuscany Estate

The Northern Italy and Tuscany tour includes three of Italy’s most beautiful areas. The tour begins in the Piedmont region in the northern Italian city Turin. Afterward, visit the region of Liguria, located in northwest Italy on the Mediterranean Sea. Then, its Tuscany, the world renown Italian region known for its fine cuisine, art, hill towns, and where the Renaissance city Florence is located.

For more information about this trip to Northern Italy click Northern Italy and Tuscany Tour.

9-Day Northern Italy Tour Cinque Terre, Milan, Parma, Italian Lakes, Genoa

  • 2 Nights Milan
  • 1 Night Parma
  • 2 Nights La Spezia
  • 2 Nights Baveno

Fashion capital Milan gives way to the jagged, sun-drenched coastline of the villages of Cinque Terre, as refined elegance and untamed beauty unite in the contrasts of Northern Italy tour. Cinque Terre, Milan, Parma, Italian Lakes, Genoa and the Italian Riviera are all included trip destinations.

For more information click escorted Northern Italy tour.

9-Day Italian Lakes Highlights Tour: Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Garda

Milan Galleria
  • 2 Nights Lake Como
  • 2 Nights Lake Maggiore
  • 2 Nights Lake Garda
  • 1 Night Milan

With 6 nights around Northern Italy’s Italian Lakes and 1 night in Milan this Northern Italy vacation brings you the highlights of the Italian Lakes. You’ll visit three of Italy’s Italian Lakes including Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore.

For more information click Italian Lakes Highlights tour.

9-Day Italian Lakes Tour Package

Northern Italy Lakes Region
  • 1 Night Milan
  • 2 Nights Lake Garda
  • 2 Nights Lake Como
  • 2 Nights Lake Maggiore

This northern Italy tour travels from Milan to three of Northern Italy’s lakers: Lake Garda, Lake Como, and Lake Maggiore, covering two of northern Italy’s regions: Lombardy and Veneto.

For more information click Italian Lakes tour package.

9-Day Rome, Assisi, Padua, Milan with Florence, Lake Como, Venice, Verona

Padua, Veneto
  • 2 Nights Rome
  • 1 Night Assisi
  • 2 Nights Padua
  • 2 Nights Milan

This northern Italy tour travels from Rome north through the regions of Tuscany, Veneto and finally Lombardy. Enjoy visits to Assisi, Orvieto, Padua, Venice, Verona, Lake Como, and Milan.

For more information click Northern Italy’s cities tour.

9-Day Lake Maggiore, Genoa, Parma, Milan Northern Italy Tour

Manarola, Cinque Terre
  • 2 Nights Lake Maggiore
  • 2 Nights Genoa
  • 2 Nights Parma
  • 1 Night Milan

This northern Italy tour travels from Lake Maggiore south to the Italian Riviera, through the Emilia Romagna region and finally Milan. This northern Italy trip itinerary includes some of Italy’s most picturesque and lesser known towns including Como, Vegevano, Pavia, Levanto and Parma. it also includes two world-class northern Italian cities Genoa and Milan.

For more information click Northern Italy tour including Genoa and Milan.

10-Day Switzerland and Italian Lakes Tour Package

Lake Maggiore, Northern Italy
  • Zurich 1 Night
  • Montreux 1 Night
  • Zermatt 2 Night
  • Baveno 1 Night
  • St Moritz 1 Night
  • Lucerne 2 Nights

This Switzerland and Italian Lakes tour travels through Switzerland’s charming old villages full of culture and history with the natural beauty of the alps and lakes. This trip itinerary includes Zürich, St. Moritz, Lugano, Zermatt, Lake Geneva, and Lucerne. In Northern Italy there is an overnight in Baveno on Lake Maggiore.

For more information click Northern Italy with Switzerland tour.

10-Day Rome, Tuscany, Venice Tour

  • 2 Nights Rome
  • 1 Night Siena
  • 2 Nights Montecatini
  • 2 Nights Venice
  • 1 Night Rome

Northern Italy tour package with overnights in Rome, Tuscany, and Venice. This affordable Italy tour package begins and ends in Rome. In Tuscany the tour includes overnights in Siena and Montecatini, and includes excursions to Florence, Greve, Pisa, and San Gimignano. In Umbria the tour visits Assisi and Orvieto.

For more information click Northern Italy tour including Rome, Tuscany, Venice.

10-Day Best Italian Lakes Tour Package

Italian Lake District
  • 2 Nights Baveno (Lake Maggiore)
  • 5 Nights Desenzano del Garda (Lake Garda)
  • 1 Night Milan

Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Northern Italy’s Italian Lakes region. With five nights in Sirmione you’ll have time to unwind, relax and take in Northern Italy’s fresh air and spectacular scenery. The tour includes excursions to Northern Italy’s treasures Bergamo, Como, Modena and Verona. You’ll also stay overnight in Northern Italy’s fashionable city Milan.

For more information click Best of the Italian Lakes tour package.

10-Day Switzerland Tour Package

Lake Lugano, Switzerland
  • 1 night Zurich
  • 2 nights Geneva
  • 2 nights Zermatt
  • 1 night St. Moritz
  • 2 nights Lucerne

This trip travels from Zurich to visit all of Switzerland’s sightseeing highlights including Geneva, Zermatt, St. Moritz, and Lucerne. This tour itinerary also includes the Principality of Liechtenstein. And travel north of Italy through the Alps from Zermatt to St. Moritz by Glacier Express.

For more information click Switzerland tour package.

10-Day Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany Italy Tour Package

Lake Como, Northern Italy
  • 2 Nights Como
  • 2 Nights Venice
  • 4 Nights Montecatini

The Italian Lakes to Tuscany tour combines the beautiful Italian Lake Como with Venice in Northern Italy and Tuscany into one all-encompassing Northern Italian Lakes to Tuscany tour package. This moderately paced trip around northern Italy includes trips to Bellagio, Como, Verona, Venice with Tuscany’s gems Lucca and Florence. You may also include optional tours to Cinque Terre and Siena.

For more information click Northern Italy tour including Lake Como, Venice, and Tuscany.

11-Day Switzerland & Northern Italy Lake Maggiore Tour Package

Northern Italy Lake Maggiore
  • 1 Night Zurich
  • 1 Night St. Moritz
  • 1 Night Lugano
  • 1 Night Zermatt
  • 1 Night Montreux
  • 2 Nights Lucerne

Explore the alps and picturesque Swiss towns while taking in the stunning scenery of Switzerland. The itinerary includes a jaunt to Italy visiting the northern Italian Lake Maggiore. Enjoy the untouched rivers and mountains of Switzerland. Stroll the charming and sophisticated Swiss mountain towns.

For more information click Switzerland and Italian Lakes tour.

11-Day Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast Tour Package

Venice Canal
  • 2 Nights Venice
  • 4 Nights Montecatini, Tuscany
  • 3 Nights Sorrento & Amalfi Coast

Visit the magical floating city Venice located in Northern taly’s Veneto region. This tour then travels from Northern Italy to Tuscany where you’ll have four relaxing nights and then on to Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

For more information click Northern Italy tour with Tuscany and Amalfi Coast.

11 Day Northern Italy Tour with Florence and Rome

Bellagio, Lake Como
  • 2 nights Como
  • 2 nights Venice
  • 2 nights Florence
  • 3 nights Rome

Begin your Italy vacation in northern Italy’s beautiful Lake Como area. There you’ll enjoy a lake cruise to visit Bellagio. After you’ll travel across Northern Italy from the Lombardy region to Venice in Italy’s Veneto region. Along the way enjoy an excursion to Verona. After visiting these Northern Italian gems this tour Italy continues on to the great art cities Rome and Florence. Combine Italy’s natural beauty with its artistic treasures on this Italy tour package.

For more information click Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Rome tour.

11-Day Northern Italy Tour: Cinque Terre, Parma, Lucca, Turin, Milan

Corniglia, Cinque Terre
  • 2 nights Milan
  • 2 nights Parma
  • 1 Night Lucca
  • 2 Nights Santa Margherita
  • 2 Nights Turin

If  you enjoy the finer things in life —fine foods, fine cars, fine architecture, and fine wine — then you’ll love this Northern Italy tour. From Milan, the capital city of Northern Italy, you’ll travel to Parma, which is one of the Italy’s best kept secrets. Then its on to another Opera-lover’s must visit destination, Lucca. Then travel up the Tuscan coast to the Cinque Terre and Italian Riviera located in the Liguria. The trip continues on to another off-the-beaten path Northern Italy destination, Turin.

For more information click northern Italy tour including Cinque Terre, Parma, Lucca, and Turin.

11 Day Northern Italy Small Group Tour

Italian Riviera, Small Group Luxury Northern Italy Tour
  • 2 Nights Stresa
  • 2 Nights Turin
  • 2 Nights Santa Margherita
  • 1 Night Parma
  • 2 Nights Treviso

The 11-day Northern Italy Small Group Tour travels from Stesa on Lake Maggiore. Destinations include Turin in the Piemonte region. Then the tour travels to the Italian Riviera with 2 nights in Santa Margherita where you’ll visit Portofino and Cinque Terre. The tour continues to Italy’s culinary capital and charming town Parma.  The tour ends in Treviso on the Veneto region.

For information click here.

11-Day Northern Italy and Italian Lakes Italy Luxury Tour

Lake Maggiore, Luxury Northern Italy Tour
  • 2 Nights Milan
  • 2 Nights Lake Maggiore
  • 2 Nights Verona
  • 2 Nights Bologna
  • 2 Nights Venice

This 5-star Northern Italy tour discovers the most beautiful destinations. Enjoy 5-star luxury accommodations while touring Northern Italy. The Italian Lakes region destinations include Stresa on Lake Maggiore, and Bellagio and Tremezzo on Lake Como. Picturesque northern Italian towns include Bergamo, Bologna, Mantua, Venice and Verona. Enjoy fine authentic Northern Italian food, the finest accommodations, and private after hour tours of the sightseeing highlights.

For more information click luxury northern Italy tour.

12-Day Italian Lakes, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Bologna, Venice Northern Italy tour

Varenna, Lake Maggiore
  • 2 nights Stresa
  • 2 nights Sestri Levante
  • 4 nights Cortona
  • 2 nights Venice

Experience the romance of Northern Italy come to life. You’ll experience it all at a leisurely pace while relaxing at Northern Italy’s finest luxury accommodations. Enjoy 2 wonderful nights in each of Stresa, Sestri Levante (Cinque Terre) and Venice, and 4 nights experiencing authentic Tuscany in a villa accommodation located among the Tuscan Hills in Cortona. These are Northern Italy’s treasures. This is the perfect tour to explore the treasures of Italy’s north.

For more information click Northern Italy Lakes, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, and Venice.

13-Day Northern Italy tour with Tuscany and Amalfi Coast

Stresa, Lake Maggiore
  • 2 nights Italian Lakes Como or Maggiore
  • 2 nights Venice
  • 4 nights Montecatini
  • 3 nights Sorrento or Naples

Enjoy a relaxing tour through Italy’s beautiful regions. Travel north to south beginning in Lake Como, travel to Venice and Verona, then spend 4 nights in Tuscany’s spa town Montecatini. From there visit Cinque Terre, Lucca, Siena, and Florence. After travel to southern Italy’s Campania region with choice of hotels in the lively city of Naples and relax in the resort town Sorrento.

13-Day Northern Italy Tour with Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast

Italian Alps and Northern Italy Lakes
  • 2 Nights Como
  • 2 Nights Venice
  • 2 Nights Florence
  • 3 Nights Rome
  • 2 Nights Sorrento

Visit Italy’s great cities Venice, Florence, and Rome with the beautiful Northern Italian Lakes district and southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This comprehensive tour travels from northern Italy to southern Italy with two nights in each destination and three nights in Rome.

For more information click Northern Italy tour with Venice, Florence, Rome and Amalfi Coast.

13-Day Northern Italy Tour with Switzerland & Austria

Salzburg, Austria
  • 2 nights Lecco
  • 2 nights Lucerne
  • 1 night Innsbruck
  • 2 nights Salzburg
  • 2 nights Vienna
  • 2 nights Ljubljana

Book your Northern Italy tour with airfare or land-only. Northern Italy tours with airfare typically depart the United States and Canada in the evening and fly to Italy overnight arriving in either Milan or Venice. can help you add-on these tours of northern Italy to your European vacation and Mediterranean cruise. These vacations are guaranteed to be the best all-inclusive northern Italy tour packages.

For more information click Northern Italy tour with Austria and Switzerland.

13-Day Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, Venice, Stresa

  • 3-nights Rome
  • 2-nights Sorrento
  • 2-nights Florence
  • 2-nights Venice
  • 2-nights Stresa

14-Day Austria and Switzerland

Milan, historic center
  • 1 Night Zurich
  • 1 Night Salzburg
  • 2 Nights Vienna
  • 2 Nights Innsbruck
  • 1 Night St Moritz
  • 2 Nights Zermatt
  • 1 Night Montreux
  • 2 Nights Lucerne

The two week all-inclusive tour of Austria and Switzerland travels round trip from Zurich. For more information click here.

Italy Tours that include Cinque Terre

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