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Sicily Tours Packages

Journey into 3500 years of history with the finest selection of Southern Italy and Sicily tours. You may book your southern Italy and Sicily vacation land-only or take advantage of our all-inclusive Southern Italy and Sicily tour packages with airfare included.  Sicily and southern Italy tours will bring you up close with the history of the Mediterranean civilizations that shaped our world.  The mixing of various Mediterranean cultures is the essence of the Sicilian and southern Italian cultures. With these all inclusive southern Italy and Sicily vacation packages you will be guided through ancient Greek and ancient Roman culture. Visit the sights in Homer’s Odyssey. Meet the ancient Greek and Roman Gods of the Universe. Southern Italy escorted tours are explorations into the origin and development of Western civilization. On these Southern Italy and Sicily escorted tours packages you will walk you through Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Canaanite, Phoenician, Hebrew, Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Christian and Islamic cultures. While touring Southern Italy you will enjoy local fresh organic culinary specialties. Southern Italy tours include traveling through the regions of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania and the Amalfi Coast, Molise, Puglia, and Sicily. Each of these southern Italian regions is like a unique country. They are totally distinct from Italy’s central and northern Italian regions. Explore the southern Italian and Sicilian cultures with the best escorted all-inclusive 2019 Southern Italy and Sicily tour packages.

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affordable sicily tours8-Day Sicily Tour Package

Palermo – 2 Nights
Agrigento – 1 Night
Syracuse – 1 Night
Taormina Riviera – 2 Nights




$1,599 9-Day Best of Sicily Tour Packagebest sicily tour package

Palermo – 2 nights
Agrigento – 1 night
Taormina – 3 nights
Palermo – 1 Night




9 day sicily tour taormina street$1,913 9-Day Glorious Sicily Tour Package

Palermo – 3 nights
Agrigento – 1 night
Taormina – 3 nights




sicily vacation package 10 day leisurely pace$1,899 10-Day Sicily In-Depth Tour Package

Palermo – 4 nights
Catania – 4 nights




luxury sicily tour package$4,990 11-Day 5-Star Luxury Sicily Tour

Palermo – 3 nights
Sciacca – 1 night
Ragusa – 1 night
Siracuse – 2 nights
Taormina – 2 nights



$7,890 11-Day Rome to Sicily Luxury Cruise Tourluxury italy tour rome amalfi sicily malta

Rome – 2 nights
Luxury Cruise – 7 nights
Valletta Malta – 1 night




$2,399 12 Day Sicily to Rome Southern Italy Tours PackageSicily tour package

Palermo – 2 nights
Agrigento – 1 night
Giardini-Naxos – 2 nights
Basilicata – 2 nights
Sorrentine Peninsula – 2 nights
Rome – 1 night


sicily-tours-market$3103 12-Day Malta & Sicily Tour

Taormina – 2 nights
Palermo – 2 nights
Agrigento – 1 night
Ragusa – 1 night
Catania – 1 night
Malta – 3 nights



$4,999 14-Day Sicily and Malta Small Group Tour

2 nights Palermo
2 nights Marsala Area
1 night Agrigento
2 nights Ragusa
2 nights Catania
3 nights Sliema


sicily-tours-greek-theater$3,039 15-Day Rome to Sicily Southern Italy & Sicily Tours

Rome, Lazio – 2 nights
Sorrento, Campania – 2 nights
Matera, Basilicata – 2 nights
Reggio, Calabria – 1 nights
Taormina, Sicily – 2 nights
Palermo, Sicily – 2 nights



sicily tours$3,699 15-Day Rome, Southern Italy & Sicily Tour

Rome, Lazio – 2 nights
Alberobello, Puglia – 2 nights
Taormina, Sicily -3 nights
Palermo, Siicly – 2 nights
Palermo to Naples Ferry – 1 night
Sorrento, Campania – 2 nights



15 Day Sicily, Rome, Florence, and Venice Tour sicily guided vacation

Palermo, Sicily – 2 nights
Agrigento, Sicily – 1 night
Taormina, Sicily – 2 nights
Rome – 3 nights
Florence – 2 nights
Venice – 2 nights


The ancient Greeks and Italic tribes settled in southern Italy and the island of Sicily around 1500 years before Christ. By 900 BC Carthage rose to power and invaded the island. The Roman republic expanded to the entire Mediterranean basin, which Sicily joined for 600 years. The Byzantines under the Emperor Justinian took Sicily and the rest of Italy for its Empire around 500AD. The Norman battles on the island marked the beginning of the Crusades. Sicilian and Southern Italian history includes the Spanish, Bourbons, the Kingdom of Two Sicily, and finally to the Italian Republic. Southern Italy and Sicily tours bring you an authentic experience where for 3500 years the Mediterranean story was written.

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