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Italy Vacation Packing List

What should I pack for an Italy vacation and what clothes do I wear in Italy is a common question.

Follow this and you will look like you have been sipping an espresso at the local café your whole life:

Italy Travel – Italy packing list and clothes ideas for a Fall Italy Vacation

Mornings will be cool
Afternoon sun will be warm
Evenings will be cool
Layering is quite important

Cashmere Cashmere Cashmere!

A cashmere scarf for both men and women is a must!!

Anything/everything BLACK are perfect choices

Leather or suede are also good choices for a fall Italy vacation

Italy is quite casual but always stylish

Avoid sneakers or any athletic clothing


Black pants and black skirts.

A cashmere sweater or two will work well

One or two dressy tops—not that any venue will require it but it is fun to dress up a bit one or two nights

Jewelry: keep it simple. One pair of pearl earrings is all you will need…, perfect for day as well as evening and always looks tasteful

Outer Jacket/Coat—one that is rain repellent makes things easy

Comfortable but stylish shoes—bring two pairs [as you will probably buy another]


Long pants [never shorts unless you are on the beach]

Anything black/anything cashmere

Collared shirts.

A vest is a good choice for layering.

If you want to take a sport jacket for warmth and style, that is fine, but rarely does a venue require a jacket or tie

Shoes comfortable but stylish

Tuscans love the English country look

Como—stylish casual—anything well tailored and of fine fabrics

We suggest you bring your finest clothes

Italy Packing List

  • Passport, visa(s), travel protection/insurance, flight ticket and other necessary documents.
  • Copy of Passport placed inside carry on luggage
  • Pocket calculator, pen. ATM/debit/credit cards/PIN codes
  • Money belt (to wear inside clothing for security).
  • Jackets and slacks with plenty of pockets and inner pockets, so documents and money can be carried in separate places on you, reducing theft and loss risk, and inconvenience.
  • Purses/handbags are best avoided, but if you wish to bring one, carry a small, very light bag with a strap that can be worn crosswise over your shoulder; wear it in front of you in crowded places and avoid putting it down anywhere.
  • Sportswear/casual wear for daytime; smart casual outfits for evenings. Please no shorts, sneakers, or tracksuits when dining.
  • Enough underwear/socks to avoid frequent laundry. One pair of warm socks even in summer in case of an unusually cold day.
  • Warm sweater for evenings.
  • A dressier outfit for an evening at the theater/elegant restaurant (smart casual clothes are usually fine for cabarets/casinos).
  • Comfortable, sturdy, tried-and-tested walking shoes (rubber soles help grip slippery/uneven surfaces).
  • Sandals and/or non-slip socks that double as slippers.
  • Dress code packing for religious sites: as there might be restrictions on shorts/ mini –skirts/ bare shoulders for church/ cathedral/ religious sites; gentlemen: please ensure you have packed at least one pair of long pants, or shorts that can be transformed by zippers into pants; ladies a pareo and scarf may be useful. Backpacks also might not be allowed during visits to religious sites.
  • Swimwear if you enjoy swimming, as there may be an opportunity to “take a dip”.
  • Warm jacket, socks and cap for Alpine areas (year-round).
  • Summer: Sunglasses, sunscreen, sun hat, loose-fitting clothing, insect repellent and balm. Small battery operated fan.
  • Winter: Warm, layered clothing, thermal underwear/socks, winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves. Days are shorter, and it is likely to be cold, windy and rainy. If you live in a hot climate you may not be prepared for wrapping up warmly for winter; it can get very cold in Europe, so do please protect yourself accordingly. Bring your coat and hat with your hand luggage in case needed immediately upon arrival.
  • Spring & Fall: Europe can be ranging from very cool and showery to very warm, weather can be unpredictable so pack for all eventualities
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap (if you prefer to use your own brand), deodorant, razor, shaving cream, (small trial sizes of toiletries in sealed plastic bags reduce luggage weight and protect against leaks), tissues, lady’s necessities (atmospheric changes can modify body rhythms), washcloths, preferably disposable (washcloths are considered a personal item like a toothbrush, so rarely supplied), balm, band aids, aspirin, motion sickness pills, antibacterial wipes/small bottle of hand sanitizer gel.
  • Medicines (carried in their original container) and copy of prescriptions, telephone/e-mail/fax number of your doctor. An adequate supply of medication packed in hand luggage as your suitcase may not easily be accessible while traveling/sightseeing (also to avoid problems in case of suitcase loss/delay or damage). Check with your airline for the latest hand luggage security restrictions.
  • Travel soap (laundromats are scarce and laundry services can be very expensive).
  • Manicure set and mending kit.
  • Travel alarm clock (to avoid relying on hotel automatic wake-up calls).
  • Mini umbrella or fold-up poncho for the occasional shower.
  • Glasses, plus extra pair and/or copy of prescription, eye drops for contact lenses.
  • Spare batteries for hearing aids.
  • Foam earplugs for sleeping.
  • Collapsible walking stick if you have mobility difficulties.
  • Small travel pillow.
  • If you are taller than average, an inflatable lumbar-support cushion may be useful.
  • Electrical converter(s)/international adapter (voltage is mostly 220/30, 50-cycle alternating current) – ensure your adapter is sufficiently powerful for appliances, and check if you need individual converters for different items.
  • Camera/video equipment (ensure in working order), plenty of memory cards/extra film/spare batteries. Label camera/camcorder and film bags with your name and vacation code; should you lose them, there’s a better chance of their being returned.
  • Roaming or global network-search options for cell phones (check tariffs as they can be very expensive abroad).
  • Long-distance calling cards may not always be your best option. If you plan to use them, check before leaving which country access codes will apply; hotels usually make connecting charges even to toll-free numbers.
  • International long-distance calling cards or local phone cards may be available at tobacco stores/kiosks/post offices; ask your Tour Director for information.

Italy Packing Tips

  • Due to increasing security measures, and more possibility of baggage being delayed, as a precaution place a couple of changes of underwear, socks, and a T-shirt, in the bottom of your hand luggage and pack items in your traveling companion’s bag.
  • Roll up casual clothes to reduce wrinkles, or layer plastic bags between folded items.
  • Make a list of items in checked baggage, and keep this in your hand luggage, in case of need.
  • Put a label with your name, address, and telephone number on the inside of your suitcase and hand luggage, together with a copy of vacation hotel contact details, in case it gets lost or delayed.
  • Divide and carry cash etc. between yourself and your traveling companion.
  • Hide a couple of $50 or Euro 50 bills on your person as emergency vacation funds.