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Campania Sightseeing

campania sightseeing amalfi coast

The Southern Italian region of Campania is known world-wide for its stunning beauty, delicious food, long and rich culture, and its vibrant people. Campania is located south of Rome and the region of Lazio. Located along the Mediterranean sea it borders four Italian regions: Lazio, Molise, Puglia, and Basilicata. The area was inhabited by the original Italic tribes including the Osci, the Aurunci, the Ausones, and later the Samnites. By the 8th century B.C. the ancient Greeks colonized settled around what is today Naples and it was part of the Magna Graecia. By the 4th Century B.C it was part of Ancient Rome. Today the region of Campania includes five provinces: Avellino,  Benevento,  Caserta,  Naples (the Capital), and Salerno. The region’s cuisine is known for its pizza, cheeses, pastas, fresh vegetables, seafood, and of course limoncello. The volcano Mt. Vesuvius majestically towers over this breathtaking area. It contributes essential nutrients to the area’s soil. This makes the local fruits and vegetables rich in taste, size and aroma. Campania sightseeing includes a journey into the art, culture and history of the Mediterranean civilizations. The food in this area including the wine, olive oil, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella all contribute to make this region a highlight of any Italy vacation. For more information about Campania sightseeing and southern Italy vacations watch the video below.

Campania Sightseeing Video

Campania Sightseeing Highlights

italy map campania regionMany travelers include Campania sightseeing on their Italy trip itinerary. The spectacular beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine peninsula is unmatched. Visitors are drawn to the doomed ancient Roman city Pompeii to see its ruins preserved by the volcanic ash. A boat ride into the Bay of Naples brings vacationers to Isle of Capri, known for its spectacular beauty and vistas. The city of Naples includes important museums, fine Neapolitan food, and shopping. Salerno is an off-the-beaten path Italian city located right on the Mediterranean. And south of Salerno Paestum is day trip worth taking to walk among the best preserved ancient Greek Temples. Popular tours of Italy often include Sorrento in the itinerary so that travelers may visit the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, and Capri. Naples although certainly worth the visit is not typically included with the escorted Italy tour itineraries.

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