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Amalfi Coast Sightseeing and Travel Guide

Are you looking for an Amalfi Coast travel guide for sightseeing ideas?

Many travelers are familiar with Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento. These destinations are on lots of tourist’s Amalfi Coast bucket list places.

Check out our travel guide of the top Amalfi Coast sightseeing destinations for even more vacation ideas.

amalfi coast travel guide

One of the most beautiful destinations in Southern Italy is the Amalfi Coast. Its beauty makes Amalfi Coast sightseeing and Amalfi Coast vacations high up on many traveler’s bucket list.

The Amalfi Coast is world renown for its unparalleled beauty. its rugged mountains along the coastline provide endless views. When traveling around the Amalfi Coast by boat the views back to land with its little towns set into the mountain are mesmerizing.

This Amafi Coast travel guide gives helpful information for your trip to the Amalfi Coast, whether you’re exploring by boat or on land.

Where is the Amalfi Coast?

amalfi coast towns map

The Amalfi Coast lies to the south of Rome in the Campania region. The Sorrentine Peninsula is the recognized name for the area. The Amalfi Coast is the area that faces south toward the Mediterranean sea.

Two gateway towns bookend the Amalfi Coast. The resort town of Sorrento perched below the Bay of Naples on the northwest side of the peninsula. And Salerno, southern Italy’s tenth largest city, located at the southeast end of the Sorrentine peninsula.

A train from Rome to Salerno may be more convenient than to Naples depending on where you stay along the Coast.

Click to view interactive large size Amalfi Coast map to the best vacation destinations.

Amalfi Coast Towns

The best towns on the Amalfi Coast traveling from Salerno to Sorrento are the following.


amalfi coast beach scene

Salerno invites tourists with its captivating blend of history, culture, and Mediterranean charm. Renowned for its scenic waterfront promenade, Lungomare Trieste, Salerno offers breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The city boasts an impressive medieval cathedral, Duomo di Salerno, showcasing architectural grandeur. Discover the captivating historic district with narrow alleys, local markets, and authentic trattorias serving delectable seafood.

Salerno promises a relaxed atmosphere. Its train station offers a convenient transit point to travel to the Amalfi Coast. Therefore, Salerno is an ideal destination to savor Southern Italian hospitality and explore the treasures of the region.

Vietri sul Mare

vietri sul mare aerial picture

Vietri sul Mare enchants tourists with its vibrant ceramics and picturesque landscapes.

Vietri sul Mare is famous for its handmade pottery, bright-colored houses, and beautiful beaches.

Art and calm Mediterranean vibes mix to make a lovely vacation destination. Its a perfect stop along the Amalfi Coast or even a low-key place to stay.

Cetara Erchie

cetara coastline

Cetara and Erchie offer a quaint escape.

Cetara, a fishing village, boasts vibrant traditions and delectable tuna and anchovy-based cuisine.

Erchie enchants with its pebbled beaches and historic charm.

Both towns offer an authentic taste of local life against the backdrop of stunning coastal scenery.


maiori harbor

Maiori, a picturesque gem, invites travelers with its charm and scenic beauty. We like to stay in this town because of its vibrant seafront, adorned with colorful buildings and charming cafes.

We also enjoy the sandy beaches. And of course indulging in the local cuisine. We find Maiori a nice town to soak in the Mediterranean allure of this idyllic Italian coastal town.


Tramonti, a picturesque gem, captivates visitors with lush landscapes and traditional charm. Its serene ambiance and natural beauty make it a delightful spot for those seeking a relaxed and authentic experience in one of Italy’s dreamy seaside towns.

Visit Church of San Lorenzo and the Church of Sant’Elia, known for their architectural beauty and cultural significance.

Savor local flavors and take a tour of the vineyards along the Amalfi Coast Wine Road, with Tenuta San Francesco being a must-visit. Immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of this enchanting destination, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its fragile cultural landscape.


Located between dramatic cliffs and the azure Tyrrhenian Sea, Minori is a hidden paradise. With its lemon groves, historic villas, and charming streets, this coastal haven offers a quiet retreat. Enjoy delectable seafood, and bask in the authentic Italian ambiance of Minori.

While there explore ancient Villa Romana, a 1st-century AD Roman villa. Its well-preserved frescoes, showcasing ancient life and artistry. This archaeological gem offers a captivating glimpse into the past, making it a top sightseeing highlight in Minori.


view from ravello

Perched high above the sea, Ravello captivates with its endless views and timeless charm. Head up there to stroll through its cobbled streets, and revel in Ravello’s enchanting ambiance.

Ravello is famous for two special places, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Both of these villas have gardens that thrive and in the sun and Mediterranean air. You can enjoy history and nature together when you visit this lovely place.


scala sightseeing

Scala, a small village located amidst terraced hills, offers a tranquil escape. Stunning views reward visitors.

The Church of San Lorenzo is a historical gem dating back to the 12th century. This ancient church features intricate architecture, including a beautiful bell tower and noteworthy medieval frescoes


atrani beach

Atrani is a beautiful village with a stunning and serene setting.

Its location between cliffs and the blue sea make it one of the most picturesque places in the area.

Pictures of the Amalfi Coast often include the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene (Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena), adding to the already beautiful setting. Its seaside location and distinctive bell tower are popular places to visit and an iconic Amalfi Coast image.

The towns narrow streets, colorful facades, and tranquil beach make it popular vacation destination.

Atrani is also known for its delicious spaghetti dishes, making it a must-visit for foodies.

Experience the authentic Italian ambiance, explore historic architecture, and savor the serene beauty of Atrani.


amalfi sightseeing marina grande

Amalfi, a jewel along Italy’s rugged coastline, beckons with its enchanting beauty and rich history. Nestled between steep cliffs and the Tyrrhenian Sea, this picturesque town boasts colorful houses, historic cathedrals, and vibrant squares.

Amalfi is one of the larger towns along the coast. With a maritime charm and a history dating back to the 9th century, Amalfi offers an authentic Italian experience. Immerse yourself in its cultural tapestry, where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present.

During medival times from the 9th to 12th centuries Amalfi was a powerful Martime Republic. Other Italian Maritime Republics were Pisa, Genoa, and Venice.

These independent city-states played a crucial role in Mediterranean trade and shaping Italy’s maritime history. They traded goods, created routes for trading, and sometimes competed to be in control of the Mediterranean.

Amalfi, as one of the Maritime Republics, was a major player in this network. This helped the area grow in culture, money, and navy progress during that time.

Amalfi, a treasure trove of historical and scenic wonders, presents captivating sightseeing opportunities. Start at the Amalfi Cathedral of St. Andrew, a grand 9th-century structure with ornate interiors.

Afterward, wander through the charming Piazza del Duomo and explore the Cloister of Paradise, adorned with intricate medieval architecture.

Then visit the Arsenal of the Maritime Republic, a testament to Amalfi’s maritime history.

Don’t miss the Paper Mill Museum, showcasing the town’s historic paper-making tradition.

For panoramic views, climb the stairs to the Valle dei Mulini or indulge in a coastal boat tour.

Wander through its charming alleys, discovering quaint shops and delectable eateries. Savor local cuisine, including the renowned limoncello.

Amalfi’s rich tapestry of history and beauty invites exploration at every turn.

Conca dei Marini

conca dei marini aerial shot

Conca dei Marini offers breathtaking sea views, historic churches, and charming streets.

Here youll find the Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo), a sea cave renowned for its brilliant emerald-green waters. Visitors can explore the grotto by taking a boat tour. Do not confuse this with the Blue Grotto on the Isle of Capri.

The grotto entrance is through a tunnel. Upon entry, natural light illuminates vibrant colors, providing a mesmerizing experience. The cave, famous for stalactite formations and an underwater nativity scene, captures visitors’ attention.

Another highlight is the Church of San Pancrazio, which dates back to the 10th century. This medieval church showcases a blend of architectural styles and features valuable artworks. Visitors enjoy wide seaviews from its elevated location.

Explore hidden coves, indulge in local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of Conca dei Marini.


praiano cliffside

Praiano, a peaceful spot, charms visitors with its relaxed vibe and beautiful sea views. Praiano is a perfect destination for traveles seeking travelers seeking coastal serenity.


positano views

Positano is the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. Positano captivates visitors with its enchanting charm. This coastal gem offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and Italian elegance.

Stroll through narrow, winding streets, explore chic boutiques, and relax on the pebble beaches.

Hotels boast stunning views from their cliffside locations. The pastel-colored houses tumble down its cliffside to the blue sea. Tourists, captivated by these views, favor Positano as a vacation spot along the coastline.

At sea level water sports and beaches are the main draw of this area. Some are rocky others with some sand. Some set in little coves.

Positano is a great place to visit if you like beautiful views, tasty food, and a calm atmosphere. A romantic and charming Mediterranean experience awaits visitors.

Marina Grande is a fishing village and one of the main hubs in Positano. It offers visitors stunning views of the coastline. Its beach is a popular summer spot. From Marina Grande you’ll find various shops, restaurants, and boat tours around the Amalfi Coast.


nerano blue water

Nerano is set between the cliffs and the Tyrrhenian Sea. From here you can enjoy a laid back vacation. Explore pristine beaches and enjoy the authentic Italian ambiance.

The village offers a peaceful atmosphere and access to the nearby historical and cultural attractions. Visitors can explore neighboring towns such as Sorrento and Amalfi for a richer historical experience.


sorrento view of capri

On the other side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, facing the Bay of Naples is Sorrento. This is a good location to base your sightseeing. Many escorted tours stay in Sorrento. A few stay along the coast.

Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods, or “Sentiero degli Dei” in Italian, is a breathtaking hiking trail along the Amalfi Coast. Not to be confused with Calabria’s Coast of the Gods.

It typically begins in the town of Bomerano.

The trail then meanders through the scenic hills and ends in Nocelle.

The walk gives you amazing views of the mountains, the sea, the Gulf of Salerno, and Capri Island. Nature enthusiasts love the walk.

How to Travel Around the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast adventures often begin in the charming resort town of Sorrento. Here the allure of Mt Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples set the stage for the journey.

Traditionally, Sorrento serves as the gateway for guided tours venturing along the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast.

The prospect of navigating the perilous cliffside roads was a daunting one for us. Our firsthand experience confirmed that driving along the Amalfi Coast is not enjoyable.

During summer the traffic is choas. Even in the quieter seasons, the stress of the journey remains palpable. Therefore, we suggest not to rent a car and drive the coast.

Instead, our favorite way to travel around the Amalfi Coast, weather-permitting, is by ferry or by private boat. Traveling among the towns by water is an entirely pleasurable jounrey. journey, especially during the warmer time of year. The gentle rhythm of the boat and the salty sea breeze creates an idyllic atmosphere. Gazing back at the coastline from the water became our preferred way to embrace the stunning beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

However, if you’re short on time or prefer a quicker mode of transportation, a taxi or private driver can also be a convenient option for getting around the Amalfi Coast.

Traveling around the Amalfi Coast by public bus and public ferry is a convenient and scenic way to explore the region. Here’s a general guide:

Public Bus

SITA Bus: The SITA bus company operates most of the bus services along the Amalfi Coast. You can catch buses from major towns like Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi.

Bus Stops: Look for designated bus stops in each town. Bus schedules and routes are available at the stops or local information centers.

Tickets: Purchase tickets before boarding. You can buy them at local tobacco shops, bars, or onboard. Validate your ticket using the machine when you board.

Public Ferry

Ferry Operators: Several ferry companies operate along the Amalfi Coast, connecting major towns like Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Capri.

Ferry Terminals: Find ferry terminals in each town. Schedules are available at the terminals or online.

Tickets: Purchase ferry tickets at ticket counters or online. Be sure to check the schedule for the specific route you want to take.

Travel Tips

Scenic Views: Both buses and ferries offer stunning views of the coastline, so have your camera ready.

Check Schedules: Bus and ferry schedules can vary, so check ahead of time to plan your itinerary.

Summer Crowds: During peak tourist season, transportation can be busy, so plan accordingly.

Flexible Itinerary: Be prepared for potential changes as weather conditions may affect transportation options.

Always check the most recent schedules and any travel advisories before your journey. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes as you explore the Amalfi Coast!

Why Plan a Guided Amalfi Coast Vacation

For those seeking a hassle-free exploration, opting for a guided tour is a wise choice. The tour includes organizing the transportation and sightseeing activities, which maximizes sightseeing time.

Dive into the details on the finest Amalfi Coast vacation packages, and let the adventure unfold.

Or, click to learn about southern Italy tours that include Amalfi Coast, Calabria, Basilicata, and Puglia.

With, planning your trip is super easy, and your vacations turn into exciting adventures! Dive into the excitement with our carefully chosen, all-inclusive Amalfi Coast tours.

Imagine this: plane tickets, a comfy place to stay, amazing sightseeing, yummy meals, and easy transportation. The all inclusive tour packages bundle it all up in one super exciting package.

Get ready for an adventure that not only covers the stunning Amalfi Coast but also includes a day trip to the picturesque island of Capri. Take a day trip to Capri and experience one of the prettiest islands in Italy while also exploring the best things the Amalfi Coast has to offer. Maybe even catch a beautiful sunset in Positano.

The great thing about these all-inclusive vacations is that they’re super simple. You arrive and let the magic of Italy and the Amalfi Coast unfold in front of you. The tours are stress-free and full of endless excitement!

Italy Tour Packages that Include the Amalfi Coast area

The escorted Italy tour packages below include the Amalfi Coast area in the southern Italy tour itinerary.

Italy Tour Package including Amalfi CoastAmalfi Coast Destinations
8-Day Rome and SorrentoSorrento 3 Nights
9-Day Rome, Capri, SorrentoCapri 2 Nights, Sorrento Area 2 Nights
9-Day Rome and Amalfi Coast by TrainSorrento 4 Nights
9-Day Rome and Amalfi CoastMaiori 4 Nights
10-Day Rome and Southern ItalyAmalfi Coast 4 Nights
11-Day Florence, Rome, Amalfi CoastSorrento 3 Nights
11-Day Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast Italy TourSorrento or Naples 3 Nights
12-Day Beautiful Italy TourCapri 2 Nights
12-Day Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, RomeSorrento or Naples 3 Nights
12-Day Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence, VeniceMaiori 3 Nights
12-Day Rome, Florence, Venice, Assisi, Sorrento Tour with Pisa & CapriSorrento 2 Nights
12-Day Sicily Tour and Southern Italy TourSorrento 2 Nights
13-Day Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice, StresaSorrento 2 Nights
13 Day Rome, Capri, Venice, FlorenceCapri 2 Nights
14-Day Small Group Southern Italy TourMinori 2 Nights
14-Day Best of ItalySorrento 2 Nights
14-Day Lake Como, Venice, Florence, Amalfi Coast, RomeMaiori 3 Nights
14-Day Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, RomeSorrento 3 Nights
14-Day Rome, Florence, Italian Lakes, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Capri Comprehensive Italy TourSorrento 2 Nights
14-Day Amalfi Coast, Rome, Umbria, Tuscany, Florence, VeniceSorrento 2 Nights
15-Day Southern Italy Tour and Sicily TourSorrento 3 Nights
16-Day Italian Lakes, Venice, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, RomeSorrento 3 Nights
16-Day Italy and SicilySorrento 2 Nights
17-Day Rome, Sorrento, Orvieto, Perugia, Chianti, Lucca, Parma, VeniceSorrento 3 Nights
18-Day Sicily and Italy TourSorrento 2 Nights

For more vacations to the Amalfi Coast that include Sicily and the other Southern Italian regions Puglia, Basilicata, and Calabria check out our Southern Italy and Sicily tours.

Amalfi Coast Vacation Information

Is it worth visiting the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has everything for a fantastic vacation — culture, delicious food, beautiful scenery, and many tourist activities.

How many days should you visit Amalfi Coast

Plan to spend at least two days visiting the Amalfi Coast. On day one travelers can visit the Amalfi Coast sightseeing highlights including Amalfi, Pompeii, Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento.

Use the second day to explore additional destinations like Capri, Mt. Vesuvius, and Naples.

Based on our experience we’ve seen, you can’t visit all these places in just two days. You may need to edit the two-day itinerary according to your interests.

Which airlines are part of the Amalfi Coast tours that include airfare

We book all major airlines. Amalfi Coast tours booked with airfare include flying major airline carriers. American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, and United all include flights to Naples.

Which airport is closest to the Amalfi Coast

Naples Airport is the closest airport to the Amalfi Coast. United Airlines has a few non stop flights between Naples and Newark. American Airlines sometimes has non stop flights between Naples and Philadelphia. Usually, you may need to change planes at a European airport before flying from Naples to the United States.

Which train station is closest to the Amalfi Coast

Salerno train station is closest to the towns along the Amalfi Coast. The next closest is Naples Centrale train station.

When is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

We like visting the Amalfi Coast during any season. Each season offers a unique experience. The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast depends on the weather you prefer. The weather impacts the activities you want to do, how many people you’re comfortable with, and your budget.

Spring (April to June): Spring temperatures ranging from 60°F to 75°F.

Spring weather makes it a nice time to hike around the hills and explore the towns without the summer heat. The hilly landscape blooms with flowers. The summer crowds have not arrived yet.

The landscape is lush with blooming flowers, and you’ll find fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months. The hotel prices are slightly lower than summer.

Summer (Late June to August): Summer temperartures range from 75°F to 90°F.

Summer is the peak toursit season. This makes it the most expensive time to visit.

The towns have various festivals during summer. And the beaches are active. During July and August tourists compete with the local Italians who are also on vacation.

Fall (September to October): Fall temperatures range from 65°F to 80°F.

In Fall the summer crowds start diminishing, and you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery, albeit with a slightly quieter atmosphere.

During fall the sea is still warm for swimming, and the weather is perfect for hiking and exploring.

Winter (November to March): Winter temperature is between 45°F to 60°F.

Winter is the off-season so it is least expensive time to visit. .

Many hotels and restaurants close for winter. If you’re looking for a quieter experience and are not primarily interested in beach activities, winter can be a good time to explore the region.

Amalfi Coast Travel Guide Video

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