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Trentino Alto Adige Sightseeing

Trentino Alto Adige Travel Guide

Trentino Alto Adige sightseeing includes Alpine vistas and medieval history. During winter alpine sports reign. During summer hiking and biking are popular. Sightseeing for non-sports people include charming towns and fine wines to enjoy the pleasant air and views.

Trentino, along with Alto Adige, which is also known as South Tyrol, are the two provinces which make up the region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. It is designated an autonomous region under Italy’s constitution.

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Trentino Alto Adige Travel Guide Map

Trentino Alto Adige is located in northeastern Italy. It is above the region of Veneto. It borders Switzerland and Austria. Trentino is renowned for its mountains, the Italian Dolomites, which are part of the Alps.

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Trentino Alto Adige Sightseeing Highlights

Hiking, skiing, and other outdoor mountain activities are popular things to do in the Trentino-Alto Adige region.


Trento, the capital of the region, is the perfect destination to plan a vacation to the area. Trento secured its place in history when the Council of Trent met and deliberated here from 1545 to 1563. Prompted by the Protestant Reformation, the council laid down the rules and forms of the Counter-Reformation that shaped subsequent Roman Catholic doctrine into modern times.

The Council met in what is one of Trento’s sightseeing highlights, the Duomo. Attached to the Duomo is the Palazzo Pretorio, where the Diocesan Museum is located. The collection provides insight into the history of local wood carving and sculpture artistic styles and techniques.

Strolling along the streets of Trento Via Belenzani is a must walk to admire the painted facades.

From 1814 through World War I Trento was part of Austria. In 1914 it became part of Italy. Inside the Castello del Buonconsiglio is the Museum of the Risorgimento, which chronicles Italy’s struggle to become a unified independent country free of the Austro-Hungarian Emprire.


Bolzano is the capital of Alto Adige, also known as South Tyrol.

Lake Carezza

Although located in the mountains most of Lake Carezza’s water is supplied by underground springs. The lake is spectacular because of its unique rainbow gradients and it is easy to access. No need to hike or have a long walk there. It is a small lake. The reflections of the Dolomite mountains behind make it a marvelous place to be and to take pictures.

There’s a walkway around the lake which takes about half an hour to complete. Note that you can’t swim or get close to the water as the lake is fenced.

Lake Resia

Lake Resia is manmade built in 1950. Up until then there were three lakes in this area: Lake Resia, Lake Curon and Lake San Valentino alla Muta. When the reservoir was dammed after the construction of the dam wall (1947-1949), the locality of Curon Venosta as well as much of Resia were flooded and destroyed.

The only remnant of old Curon is the steeple of a submerged 14th-century church, which still towers out of the waters and is nowadays a historical landmark. The lake is famous for this sight, which is a clue that people once lived here. It is also draws many who want to see this sight.

There’s a ferry boat nearby that takes visitors on a 30-minute tour around the lake. It’s a lot of fun for kids and a good picnic spot. The path that circumnavigates the lake is popular with walkers and cyclists. There are small towns at either end.


Merano is charming village located about an hour and half from Bolzano in the Italian Alps. The town’s Christmas market is popular. It’s river includes a nice walking path.

Outside Merano is the medieval Tyrol Castle. From the 11th to 15th century the castle was where the Counts of Tyrol lived, which gives the area its name. Today the castle is the South Tyrol Museum of History.

To reach the castle is about 30 minute walk from closest parking. The walk is quite beautiful with vineyards and mountain views along the way.

Stelvio Pass

The mountain pass between Bolzano and Switzerland climbs to 9,000 feet with 48 hair pin turns. This makes the pass popular among those who are drawn to high mountain roads. The Stelvio region is the only summer skiing destination in Europe making it popular.

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