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$4,990: 11-Day Luxury Sicily Tour Package

The luxury Sicily tour package is an upscale guided tour of the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily’s unique culture is a result of distinct cultures and civilizations mixing here. Sicily is a work always in progress. The mixing of cultures over the course of history combined with its sheer natural beauty make it a fascinating and fabulous vacation destination. Over its 3000+ year history the Sicilians maintain the best of the old while always reinventing itself. The luxury tour sightseeing highlights include Agrigento, Palermo, Taormina, Siracusa, Modica, Noto, Monreale. The day-by-day 2018 luxury Sicily tour daily includes guided tours escorted by local expert guides. In each town you’ll enjoy the best of Sicily with 5-star accommodations. For more information or to book your first-class 5-star luxury tour of Sicily call 800-227-1577 or submit the form.


luxury 2020 sicily tour 2020 itinerary map

Luxury Sicily Tour Sightseeing Highlights

Sicily’s sightseeing highlights span all historical eras. During the Magna Grecia Hellenic civilization flourished on the island of Sicily and around southern Italy. The ancient Romans adopted some of their customs. Ancient Greek Temples and theaters later updated by the ancient Romans provide incredible windows into how the ancient civilizations evolved here. Medieval Norman architecture, to the Sicilian Baroque are all remnants of the island’s middle age colonizers. The luxury Sicily vacation itinerary includes an exploration into all the culture that inhabited this stimulating island.

  • Monreale: Tour of the Norman Cathedral, its gold mosaics, and Benedictine cloister gardens
  • Palermo: Walking tour of central market
  • Agrigento: With local expert guide tour Valley of Temples and enjoy scenic lunch overlooking the temples.
  • Ragusa: With local expert guide dive into Baroque architecture
  • Modica and Noto: Explore the Baroque Valley and learn to make chocolate
  • Siracusa: Local expert guided tour of Neapolis Archaeological Park to explore Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans.
  • Mt. Etna winery and lunch
  • Taormina: Walking tour of center and Greek Theater
  • Transfer from and to airports
  • 20 meals included: 9 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 6 dinners per itinerary
  • All gratuities for hotel staff and restaurants
  • All local entrance fees with skip the line tickets

For a day-by-day tour itinerary see below.



Luxury Sicily Tour 5-Star Accommodations:

  • Palermo 2 nights, Grand Hotel Wagner
  • Sciacca 2 nights, Sicily Verdura Spa
  • Ragusa 1 night, Sicily Poggio del Sol Resort
  • Siracusa 2 nights, Sicily Des Etrangers Hotel & Spa
  • Taormina 2 nights, Sicily San Domenico Palace Hotel

11-Day Luxury Sicily Tour

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Luxury Sicily Tour Day-by-Day Sightseeing Itinerary

Sicily only recently became part of Italy. Over the course of its history its location in the Mediterranean Sea made it an attractive location for colonizers. Today its architecture, food, wine, music, and dancing all include remnants of ancient Greek, Roman, Aztec, Byzantine, and Norman influences. In the 18th Century Sicily became part of Spain. Then Sicily joined the Bourbon Kingdom. When the Italian Republic was created in the late 19th century Sicily became part of Italy. On this comprehensive luxury tour of Sicily you’ll experience all these civilizations in what is today authentic Sicilian culture.  While sightseeing in Sicily you’ll visit the famous ancient Greek Temples in Segesta and Agrigento. You’ll visit Siracusa, which was described in ancient texts as the most beautiful of all ancient Greek cities. In Taormina you’ll tour the ancient Greek Theater and see first hand why it has been a resort town for 3000 years. In Palermo and Monreale you’ll discover the Normans. Sicily’s Mt Etna gives its land fertile soil.  The inclusive upscale luxury Sicily tour itinerary includes tasty Sicilian wines from grapes grown on the slopes of Mt Etna paired with authentic Sicilian culinary specialties.

DAY 1 – Depart the United States for Sicily

Depart the United States for Italy. Typically your flight will be overnight. Enjoy dinner and then breakfast on board the airplane. Most flights include video entertainment.


Day 2 – Arrive in Palermo

Upon arrival in Sicily you will be transferred from the airport to your 5 star hotel Palermo. Enjoy the balance of the day independently. This evening you’ll meet your tour manager and accompanying guests at a welcome cocktail and orientation. After you will enjoy your first authentic Sicilian dinner with wine at a local trattoria.

Overnight: Palermo – Grand Hotel Wagner


DAY 3 – Discover the Normans in Palermo and Monreale

norman cathedral monreale sicily tours packagesToday you’ll tour Monreale and Palermo. The Norman Cathedral in Monreale is a medieval architectural achievement. The Byzantine and Sicilian mosaics inside draw travelers from all over the world. After lunch in Monreale the luxury Sicily tours continues with a visit to Palermo’s Old City. Here there are more Norman sights to see, including the Cappella Palatina, the Palazzo Real, the Norman kings Palace.

Overnight: Palermo – Grand Hotel Wagner


DAY 4 – Corleone

Given Sicily’s history of foreign colonizers it is not a surprise that the locals created their own way of doing business.  Over the centuries some of this behavior evolved into supporting criminal activity, which group became known as the Mafia. Today your luxury Sicily tour visits the town of Corleone, made famous by The Godfather movies. You’ll find the town is quite different from the movies. The Corleonesi people are proud and look forward to welcoming you. In Corleone you’ll visit the center for Anti-Mafia Movement (CIDMA). This organization promotes anti-mafia economic activity. In Corleone you’ll also visit a local agriturismo. There among the vineyards you’ll taste authentic Sicilian red and white wines. An authentic Sicilian lunch is also on the menu.

Overnight: Sciacca – Verdura Spa

DAY 5 – Majolica Ceramic and Sciacca

Today your Sicily tour continues with a morning and early afternoon free to enjoy the amenities of your Rocco Forte Hotel, the Verdura Golf & Spa Resort (some at additional cost) – including a 60-meter infinity swimming pool, golf on three Kyle Phillips courses, six clay tennis courts, running trails and world-class spa treatments from The  Verdura Spa. Late afternoon in Sciacca, take a look at a centuries-old craft successfully making it in the modern world while still using traditional techniques… and closely guarded secrets passed down through the generations. Watch as local artisans create the exquisite, hand-decorated Majolica pottery known and loved the world over. After some free time in town, join us for dinner at a restaurant right on Sciacca’s harbor.

Overnight – Verdura Golf and Spa Resort


DAY 6 – Agrigento Valley of the Temples and Ragusa

Today you’ll travel to the Valley of the Temples.  It is one of the most spectacular archaeology sites in Sicily. During the Magna Grecia era Sicily was the center of ancient Greek civilization. The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is the site of multiple ancient Greek Temples to their Gods. You’ll tour the site with a local tour guide. After lunch, your luxury Sicily tour continues to Caltagirone. Here you’ll see the artisans create the famous Majolica ceramic. Maybe one will share their generational family secrets for making these ceramics with you!  This evening you’ll continue on to the authentic Sicilian town of Ragusa.

Overnight: Ragusa – Poggio del Sol Resort


DAY 7 – Tour Modica and Noto in Baroque Valley

Today you’ll travel to the south east corner of Sicily.  South of Siracusa are villages that were destroyed by an earthquake in 1693. The rebuilding in the early 18th century was marked by flamboyant architecture and elaborate embellishments. This style is now known as Sicilian Baroque. This style influences much of Sicily today. In Modica you’ll make chocolate using the recipe that dates all the way back to the Aztecs. In Noto you’ll visit the Basilica di San Salvatore and the Duomo San Niccolo.

Overnight: Siracusa – Des Etrangers Hotel & Spa


DAY 8 – Siracusa Then and Now

One of the best ways to experience local life is to visit the daily market. This morning you will tour a local food market in Siracusa. Unlike mass superstores we find in the United States, in Sicily food is typically bought daily at the local neighborhood market.  Local and seasonal foods are the highlight at the market. Living la dolce vita means taking care in preparing each meal.  Vegetables and fruits line the boxes making for colorful displays.  You’ll also see the local cheeses, fish, and meats. After the morning market you’ll visit Neapolis Archaeological Park. With your local guide you will discover the artifacts of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Then you will visit Siracusa’s Greek theater, one of the largest of its kind in world. This theater is still in use today.  Then visit the 3rd-century Roman amphitheater in Siracusa.  Like the Colosseum in Rome, it was for bread and circus too.  Today’s Siracusa tour also includes the Temple of Apollo and the Baroque Duomo. Today lunch at a local Siracusa trattoria is also included.

Overnight: Siracusa – Sicily Des Etrangers Hotel & Spa


DAY 9 – Mt Etna

During 2013 Mt Etna put on a continual fire show. The ancient Greeks believed hat their God of fire Vulcan lived inside.  And for good reason. This volcano shows a lot of fire. This morning as you travel from Siracusa along Sicily’s east coast toward the Sicily resort town of Taormina you’ll enjoy the various views of Mt Etna.  You’ll enjoy a guided tour of the mountain. The fertile soil produces grapes used to make exclusive wines.  Today you’ll enjoy tasting these Sicilian wines while enjoying a nice relaxing Sicilian lunch at the winery. After lunch the tour continues to Taormina.

Overnight: Taormina – San Domenico Palace Hotel


DAY 10 – Sicily’s Resort Taormina

It may be that Sicily resort town Taormina is the oldest vacation destination in the world.  It is simply beautiful. During its long colorful history Taormina has been enjoyed over the centuries by all who came to colonize Sicily. Its unique hilltop position gives it a view of the turquoise sea below. Vulcan’s home Mt Etna is ever visible too. Here you will enjoy the Greek Theater and its exquisite views with a local tour guide. Then stroll along the Corso Umberto to experience Taormina’s daily life. Enjoy a local trattoria for lunch.  This afternoon is free to enjoy Taormina or the beach below. Later freshen up for this evening’s dinner on the hotel terrace. Share stories while enjoying the views of Mt Etna and the Mediterranean sea.

Overnight: Taormina – San Domenico Palace Hotel


DAY 11 – Ciao Sicily

You comprehensive luxury Sicily tour ends today.  Fly home with full of fond memories. Or continue your Italy vacation.

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