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George Clooney Directs His Venice Wedding to Amal Alamuddin


By choosing to stage a romantic wedding in Venice George Clooney opened his nuptial venice-wedding-autumnparty to the paparazzi and the throngs of autumn Venice tourists alike. Late September and October is one of the most popular times for travelers to flock to Venice, Florence and Rome.

George Clooney must agree with so many other romantics that autumn is one of the best times for a Venice wedding and to vacation in Italy. “Late September and early October is a glorious time to be love-venice-clooney-weddinge in Italy. It makes sense Clooney and his A-list strap-hangers would join millions of other folks who decide to visit Italy in October.” said Justin Del Sesto founder of the world’s largest Italy travel agency. “The autumn light reflecting off the water and atmosphere is forever embellished in our minds by the Venetian School painters of the Renaissance from about 1450-1550. Clooney is a director after all. He appreciates good lighting.” added Del Sesto.

Clooney Directs Venice WeddingClooney, 53 and his bride Amal Alamuddin, used Venice to stage a picture-perfect wedding set. The ceremony was timed at twilight. “The autumn afternoon light in Venice is as dramatic and romantic as can be,” said Del Sesto. “In fact, Venice helped make oil paint popular as a medium. The city is, as you know, constructed on a lagoon. The dampness and dramatic light led Venetian schoolvenice=clooney-wedding painters to use oil.”

The Venetian School is noted for the use of “light”. The Venetian painters were keenly interested in the relationship between light and color. All of their canvases clearly explore this interplay.

“Lighting makes film. Venice’s magic is all about its natural wedding-venice-clooneylight. Most notably is the sparkling water in Venice’s lagoon and canals,” said Del Sesto. “The Venetian painters had a distinct method of brushwork. It’s rather smooth, and makes for a velvety surface texture. It’s all about the light.”

venice-wedding-clooneyStaying at the the Cipriani Hotel in Venice, it is likely many Bellini’s were served. “Bellini is not only a drink. In the mid to late 15th century Bellini was a pioneer of the Venetian School of art,” said Del Sesto.

venice-wedding-clooney-directsOther important Venetian artists where light is predominant are Andrea Mantegna, Titian, Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and Bassano.


Additionally, a lot of famous artists traveled to Venice, thanks to its reputation, and spent time in the workshops there. Antonello da Messina,venice-sights-wedding-autumn El Greco and even Albrecht Dürer – to name but a few – all studied in Venice during the 15th and 16th centuries.

“Clooney is clearly a student of lighting. He knows how to light a set. Certainly he could not have picked a better place in the world to use natural light to adorn the loveliest set of his life,” said Del Sesto.

The Venice wedding included a ceremony at the Aman Hotel, one of Venice’s most luxurious. Contact for more about Venice weddings and Venice vacation packages.






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