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Ancient Rome Discovery – Amba Aradam Subway Station

rome-metro-subway-ancient-ruinsThe Rome Amba Aradam subway station currently being built near the Colosseum has unearthed a structure that dates back to the 2nd Century ancient Roman time. The archaeologists unearthed the structure 90 feet below modern-day Rome.

The extensive complex at Amba Aradam includes a 300 foot long hallway with 39 rooms. The structure is complete with frescoes and mosaics. In it ancient coins, ceramics, and bracelets were also found.

The structure is thought to be a military garrison for the ancient Roman Emperors. Known as the Praetorian Guard, which was a private military force that served the ancient Roman emperors. The location near the Colosseum is also just around the Palatine Hill. This area was the center of ancient Rome that thrived 2000 years ago.

It is such a significant find the city says it is planning to incorporate the findings to create a purpose-built “archaeological station” for the Metro. The structure complete with mosaics and frescoes will be preserved. The structure, mosaics, and frescoes will be displayed in the future subway station.

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