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Italy vacation clothes

What clothes do I pack for an Italy vacation and what clothes do I wear in Italy?

Follow this and you will look like you have been sipping an espresso at the local café your whole life:

Italy Travel – Italy packing list and clothes ideas for a Fall Italy Vacation

Mornings will be cool
Afternoon sun will be warm
Evenings will be cool
Layering is quite important

Cashmere Cashmere Cashmere!

A cashmere scarf for both men and women is a must!!

Anything/everything BLACK are perfect choices

Leather or suede are also good choices for a fall Italy vacation

Italy is quite casual but always stylish

Avoid sneakers or any athletic clothing


Black pants and black skirts.

A cashmere sweater or two will work well

One or two dressy tops—not that any venue will require it but it is fun to dress up a bit one or two nights

Jewelry: keep it simple. One pair of pearl earrings is all you will need…, perfect for day as well as evening and always looks tasteful

Outer Jacket/Coat—one that is rain repellent makes things easy

Comfortable but stylish shoes—bring two pairs [as you will probably buy another]


Long pants [never shorts unless you are on the beach]

Anything black/anything cashmere

Collared shirts.

A vest is a good choice for layering.

If you want to take a sport jacket for warmth and style, that is fine, but rarely does a venue require a jacket or tie

Shoes comfortable but stylish

Tuscans love the English country look

Como—stylish casual—anything well tailored and of fine fabrics

We suggest you bring your finest clothes

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